Hawkeye Producer Can’t Wait For Fans To Meet Kate Bishop

hawkeye kate bishop

Long before Hailee Steinfeld was officially announced as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Kate Bishop, rumors abounded that the actress was the number one contender to partner up with Jeremy Renner in Disney Plus series Hawkeye.

Set photos showing her in costume were already making the rounds online before the news was even confirmed by the studio, and it would be an understatement to suggest that fans approve of the casting. From the first still image to the various trailers and TV spots, supporters have been praising Steinfeld at every turn, and that’s only increasing the closer we get to Hawkeye‘s long-awaited premiere on November 24.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Trinh Tran revealed that she shares their enthusiasm, admitting that she can’t wait for fans to get acquainted with the franchise’s new resident expert archer.

“I remember the very first day when Kevin Feige and I sat with Hailee to talk about it. We were just like, ‘This is Kate Bishop. When you read the comics, you get that energy from Kate; that wit and those smarts. And meeting Hailee, you see she’s so incredibly talented. Just look at the body of work she’s accomplished at such a young age. We knew having her be a part of the MCU one way or another would be very exciting, but when we started talking about this particular project and this character, she just became our go-to girl.”

Marvel clearly have a long term plan in mind for Kate Bishop, who also operates as a key member of the Young Avengers, so there are big things in 24 year-old Steinfeld’s future as part of cinema’s single most successful franchise. Speculation points to Hawkeye marking the beginning of the end for Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton, but his erstwhile replacement is just getting started.