Hawkeye Producer Reveals Big Changes To Cult Favorite Comic Book Villain

One week from tomorrow, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s relentless expansion into episodic storytelling continues when Hawkeye lands on Disney Plus with a bumper two-episode premiere, and fans can’t wait to see what the fun-filled festive adventure has in store.

As is the case with almost every project hailing from the world’s biggest franchise, a solid ensemble cast of established names and up-and-comers fill a variety of roles, some of which will be familiar to casual audiences, while others might only hold sway with comic book aficionados.

Fra Fee’s mercenary Kazimierz Kazimierczak definitely falls into the latter camp, with the character best known by the alias Clown. In an interview with Murphy’s Multiverse, producer Trinh Tran teased that changes have been made in bringing the assassin into the live-action realm.

“I can’t say much about how his character unfolds in this series, but what I can say is that part of the interesting thing about bringing these characters to life from the comics is that we wanted to give it a fresh spin. I think part of Kazi’s story in the comics is a little bit tied to how Kate’s world is in the Matt Fraction run. But that’s not necessarily true in the MCU because once we bring that character in and explore them in the story that we have, it can go in any and all kind of direction.”

In the Hawkeye run on the printed page from which the series draws inspiration, Kazi was hired by the wonderfully-named Tracksuit Draculas to take out Clint Barton before being stopped in his tracks by Kate Bishop, so we can at least expect some of that to carry over into the MCU’s fifth Disney Plus exclusive of the year, but the long-running superhero saga has always been known to take creative liberties with the source material.