‘Hawkeye’ reviews largely praise the MCU’s festive adventure

In the eyes of the fans, the Marvel Cinematic Universe can do no wrong, and the massive discrepancy between how audiences and critics reacted to Eternals is proof of that. It’s the biggest and most popular franchise in the business for a reason, but can Hawkeye keep the winning streak alive?

Looking at the reviews to have started flooding the internet since the embargo lifted, the answer appears to be mostly left. One of the major benefits of the Disney Plus Marvel shows compared to the Netflix ones is that they never outstay their welcome, with all the five streaming exclusives to have debuted so far running for between six and nine episodes.

As a result, the majority of early responses have deemed Hawkeye a more than worthy addition to canon that delivers a light, breezy, fun-filled and action-packed holiday adventure, as you can see below.

Hawkeye is coming to Disney Plus tomorrow with a two-episode premiere, which is going to be appointment viewing for subscribers around the world. Hopefully, the servers don’t crash like they’ve done on previous occasions when everyone wants to watch the same thing at the same time, because it’s been almost three whole weeks since we got our last fix of MCU content.