‘Hawkeye’ teaser has serious buddy-cop comedy vibes

Image: Keane Eacobellis / Marvel

While not as popular as Loki or Wandavision, Hawkeye on Disney Plus is still doing pretty well, with a 92 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show follows the only Avenger without superpowers doing superhero stuff alongside Kate Bishop, played by actress and musician Hailee Steinfeld. The two have a hilarious buddy-cop vibe together, and Marvel recently released a teaser attesting to that fact.

In the clip, the two archers find themselves in the house of Kate Bishop’s mom, Eleanor Bishop, and Kate Bishop explains that they just stopped in to use the bathroom, well “he did,” she says.

Other highlights of the exchange?

“Working on a case together?” Eleanor Bishop asks.

“He’s my partner,” Kate Bishops says.

“We’re not partners,” Hawkeye says.

“Well, we’re friends-slash-partners,” she says.

“I wouldn’t really describe us as friends,” he says.

The back and forth between these two is gold. Check out the clip below.

The clip racked up almost 180,000 views in just two hours. Hawkeye has been a particularly buzzworthy show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and despite a slow start, is picking up a bit of steam as word of mouth spreads about the show’s quality.

Hawkeye fans were recently in a tizzy over the anticipated appearance of Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh. Unfortunately, she didn’t appear in this teaser, but she did “maybe” appear in a previous one.

Yelena Belova came to the MCU as a sister character to Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow.

Episode four of Hawkeye airs tomorrow, Dec. 8, on Disney Plus.