Hawkgirl And Hawkman Might Return To Legends Of Tomorrow


Legends of Tomorrow might not be entirely done with Hawkgirl and Hawkman, according to Phil Klemmer, the show’s co-creator, writer and EP. The first season of the time travelling lunacy partially revolved around the wingèd pair, who had continually reincarnated for thousands of years, only to be killed each time by megalomaniacal warlord Vandal Savage to fuel his immortality.

They departed at the season’s conclusion, partly due to Savage’s permanent death, and also to allow them to live their lives together and discover whether or not they were meant for one another outwith the cycle of murder and rebirth. On the topic of the characters, Klemmer offhandedly stated:

“We talk about them an awful lot in the room.”

The “room” presumably refers to the show’s writer’s room, where episode plots and character arcs are hashed out among the series’ team of creatives. He didn’t go into any specifics, but the fact that they’re still taking about a couple of characters four years after their last appearance could mean there’s a lingering intent to bring them back in some way.

Many viewers didn’t find the pair all that interesting in the first place, largely down to their limited characterization as walking plot devices who had only been featured in the Arrowverse just prior to Legends’ commencement, and even then merely to introduce them for the show. Bringing them back could allow the writers to properly explore who they are as people and do justice to them in a way that they were denied by the series’ shaky origination.

The demented temporal antics that the team gets up to could provide any number of excuses to see a reappearance of the pair, but with Hawkman being drafted into Black Adam and Hawkgirl’s Ciara Reneé just about to begin a run as Elsa in the Broadway musical of Frozen, her availability will be a long time coming. If Hawkgirl and Hawkman’s return to Legends of Tomorrow is on the cards, it may be quite a while before we see them again.