Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5 Trailer Is Wacky And Weird


A lot of changes are coming to Legends of Tomorrow, and not just the “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” which will conclude on the series on January 14th.

We now have the season 5 trailer for The CW show and, well, there’s a lot to take in from the clip, which you can catch above. As well as events from the soon-to-launch “Crisis,” we see glimpses of everything from John Constantine to Beebo, and “Mister Parker’s Cul-de-Sac”? This being Legends of Tomorrow, things certainly look to be unusual.

Opening with some glimpses of the “Crisis,” including Brandon Routh’s Kingdom Come Superman, text implies that the Waverider crew are about to “face their biggest crisis.” However, this isn’t the Anti-Monitor, but rather “Mister Parker’s Cul De Sac,” where Routh is a Mister Rogers-type children’s entertainer. And a singing one, to boot. We then see some more familiar Legends craziness, including terrorized teens, Sara and Ava dancing, what looks like a Prohibition-era gunfight, puppets, possibly a trip to Shakespearean England and Ray bursting out from inside someone.

You’ll have to watch the trailer to try to pick out some of the other bizarre moments, but it’s fair to say that Legends of Tomorrow is doubling down on the weirdness for its fifth year. Of course, we already know that there’s going to be some significant changes to the Legends cast this season, with Routh and Courtney Ford departing as series regulars, as well as a new big bad. In general, we’d expect there to be a continued focus on magic and time-travel, as well as great episode titles.

We’ll get the chance to dive back into the world of Legends of Tomorrow, Beebo and all, when the fifth season premieres on Tuesday, January 21st, 2020. By then, we’ll have had the finale of “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” so some familiar Legends craziness will probably be a welcome topic after the epic crossover event, which kicks off on Supergirl and Batwoman this weekend.