New Crisis On Infinite Earths Photo Shows More Of Brandon Routh’s Superman

We’ve been spoilt for “Crisis on Infinite Earths” news in the last week, as more photos emerge of the epic crossover event. As well as behind-the-scenes shots of various pairings, we’re also getting some intriguing hints at how different characters will be dealt with in the storyline. The latest glimpse of the Arrowverse series-spanning “Crisis” we’ve received is of Brandon Routh’s “Kingdom Come” Superman, this time courtesy of Legends of Tomorrow co-star Tala Ashe.

The image (available below) is from Ashe’s Instagram feed, and shows her with Routh in his Superman costume. Of couse, we’ve already seen different shots of Routh’s Kal-El, and this latest photo again shows that he’ll be an older version of the character with a costume and insignia specific to the events of the “Kingdom Come” arc.

Ashe also provided the following caption:

“Happy birthday to the incomparable, kind and SUPER(!!!) @brandonjrouth #neverfeltsaferinmylife”.

From what we’ve seen so far, Routh will be teaming up with, at the vey least, Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, as well as most likely Tom Welling‘s version of the character. We’ll also get to see the Arrowverse and Smallville Lois Lanes, as well as individual takes on Clark Kent. Indeed, Routh also recently shared a picture of himself as his reporter alter ego, which as we previously discussed, seems to take place in an earlier part of the “Kingdom Come” timeline.

In other “Crisis on Infinite Earths” news, we’re gradually getting a better sense of Kevin Conroy’s Batman, who’ll also be from the “Kingdom Come” Earth. Another set photo showing Grant Gustin’s Flash with Hoechlin and Routh’s Superman, meanwhile, seems to confirm that the Waverider from Legends of Tomorrow will play a part in the multiverse hopping storyline.

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicks off on the CW on December 8th, and will conclude on January 14th. Don’t miss it.