Crisis On Infinite Earths Set Pic Offers New Look At Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent


As filming on “Crisis on Infinite Earths” continues, more set pics from the Arrowverse crossover are coming our way. So far, we’ve been well-fed when it comes to glimpses of the many Supermen that’ll be a part of the event. To date, there’s three Men of Steel involved – Superman Returns’ Brandon Routh, Smallville‘s Tom Welling and, of course, Supergirl‘s Tyler Hoechlin.

Our latest glimpse behind the scenes offers another look at Hoechlin in costume as Clark Kent, alongside Elizabeth Tulloch, his Lois Lane, who debuted in last year’s crossover “Elseworlds.” The actress shared the image on her Instagram account, clarifying in her caption that it comes from the first day of shooting on the crossover.

“#TBT to our first day of filming as Lois and Clark on #CrisisonInfiniteEarths last week,” Tulloch wrote. “This crossover schedule has been bananas but the final product is going to be epic.”

The difficulty in producing these multi-part Arrowverse events is well-known to fans, but “Crisis” must be even more taxing than usual, what with the mammoth amount of guest stars who’ll be joining the already crowded regular cast of The CW’s DC universe. Like Tulloch says, it should be worth all the effort, though, once filming is complete and the network has the biggest superhero TV crossover ever attempted on their hands.

Tulloch has previously shared a fan-pleasing snap of Hoechlin and Welling together outside of the Kent farm, which seems to promise that the pair will interact in the event. What’s more, Routh has posted his own photo of himself with Hoechlin. So, it seems certain that the Supergirl star will work with both other Supermen on “Crisis.” Fingers crossed all three come together before the end, too. And that Welling wears the super-suit as well.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” encompasses all five Arrowverse series and kicks off on December 8th before concluding on January 14th.

Source: Instagram