Tyler Hoechlin And Brandon Routh Suit Up In New Crisis On Infinite Earths Pic


With shooting having begun on “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” the set photos giving us our first mouth-watering hints at the upcoming Arrowverse crossover are already coming in. Yesterday, for instance, we got a glimpse at a Superman team-up to come in the form of Supergirl‘s Tyler Hoechlin posing with Smallville‘s Tom Welling at the old Kent farm. And today has now brought another pairing of Supermen at a different iconic DC location.

This time it’s Brandon Routh alongside Hoechlin. What’s more, the pair are in their full Kryptonian costumes. We’re used to Hoechlin’s suit from his previous Arrowverse appearances but this offers another good look at Routh’s Kingdom Come-inspired number – complete with salt and pepper hair – which was only revealed last week. And once you draw your attention away from the Men of Steel in the foreground, you’ll notice that the sign behind them tells us that they’re standing in The Daily Planet.

The famed establishment has yet to show up in the Arrowverse, despite being mentioned many times. Note that the word under the Planet logo appears to read “Subsidiary,” though, meaning “Crisis” isn’t likely to feature the central building in Metropolis but another office in a different town – perhaps in Kara Danvers’ home of National City.

It feels like these set pics are being carefully cultivated to whet our appetite just that bit more before unveiling all three Supermen together, in all their red and blue finery. After all, WGTC has been informed by our sources that this is indeed the plan and Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim is teasing a big reveal set to arrive tomorrow.

The five-part “Crisis on Infinite Earths” begins on The CW this December 8th. The new seasons of the Arrowverse, meanwhile, start returning this Sunday with Supergirl and Batwoman.

Source: Instagram