Lois Lane Meets Lois Lane In New Crisis On Infinite Earths Set Pic


A lot of our sneak peeks from the set of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” have focused on the many versions of Superman who’ll be showing up for the Arrowverse crossover. But this latest one puts the spotlight on the two Lois Lanes who’ll also be playing key roles in the DC TV spectacular.

Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tulloch shared a snap on her Instagram account earlier today which sees her posing with Smallville‘s Erica Durance. Both actresses, of course, play Clark Kent’s SO and, more importantly, the finest reporter at The Daily Planet. Tulloch joined the Arrowverse in last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover, while Durance – who’s previously appeared on Supergirl as Kara’s mother Alura – is reprising her role for “Crisis.”

Tulloch even gave the photo the perfect caption: “The New Adventures of Lois and Lois,” she wrote. Which reminds us: any chance of getting Lois & Clark‘s Teri Hatcher on board as a third Lois, CW?

The last time we saw Tulloch’s Lois and Tyler Hoechlin’s Supes, they announced they were expecting a child and were off to Argo City for its birth. Evidence – thanks, Stephen Amell! – points to “Baby Jon” appearing in “Crisis,” so it seems we’ll get to meet the couple’s super-son very soon. Unless the kid belongs to Durance’s Lane and Tom Welling’s Clark. After all, we’ll be picking up their lives several years after the conclusion of Smallville, so they may’ve started a family, too.

The Lane-Kents’ place of employment will also appear in the crossover, as Routh posted a pic of himself and Hoechlin in costume posing by The Daily Planet logo. Speaking of Routh’s Man of Steel – who looks to be Lois-less – he’ll be serving as the chief editor of the newspaper on his Earth.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” won’t kick off until December 8th, but these fan-pleasing set photos are definitely whetting our appetite for the real thing.

Source: Instagram