Stephen Amell May’ve Just Spoiled A Big Crisis On Infinite Earths Guest Star


Remember the photo Stephen Amell posted earlier this week from the set of “Crisis on Infinite Earths“? We were all so focused on his battered, bruised face that we overlooked the fact that the snap actually reveals a couple of surprises about the Arrowverse crossover that maybe we weren’t meant to know yet.

As you can see in the zoomed-in picture below, the board behind Amell sports a list of characters involved in the crossover. It’s no surprise to see that there are a few Clark Kents and a couple of Lois Lanes listed on there, but it’s somewhat shocking to see the name Lex printed twice. Plus, “Baby Jon” seemingly teases a new addition to the Super-family.

First of all, Jon’s involvement in “Crisis” hasn’t been confirmed before, but the Super-baby’s appearance makes sense. In 2018’s “Elseworlds,” Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois announced that she was pregnant and that she and Clark were off to Argo City so that she could be on Kryptonian soil when their child was born. Given that Jon is the name of the couple’s son in contemporary comics, we could’ve guessed that the Arrowverse would follow suit.

The fact that two Lexes will show up is a bit of curveball, though, Jon Cryer’s return as Supergirl‘s Luthor is known, but Smallville‘s Michael Rosenbaum has confirmed that he turned down his offer to come back. There’s been speculation that a deal could still be worked out with the star, but maybe it’s also possible that Cryer is playing two separate Lexes. One good, one bad. It does look like the word “Bad” is written beside the second name on the board, after all.

In any case, expect more casting and character news to come out as filming on “Crisis on Infinite Earths” continues, ahead of its arrival on The CW this December. In the meantime, the Arrowverse shows start returning this Sunday.

Source: Instagram