Hazard Comes To The Flash In New Featurette


To date, The Flash has utilized no shortage of villains culled from the comic books, which is quite understandable when you take the Scarlet Speedster’s impressive rogues gallery into account. While we’ve seen more well known knaves such as Captain Cold, Mirror Master and the Reverse-Flash give the S.T.A.R. Labs crew headaches, there have also been more obscure baddies featured like Girder and Magenta. And, as you could probably gather, the latest addition to the enduring television saga falls in with the latter.

In tonight’s ironically titled episode, “Luck Be A Lady,” Sugar Lyn Beard debuts as Becky Sharpe AKA Hazard, a woman possessing one of the most bizarre power sets we’ve seen thus far. In a nutshell, she’s been experiencing much good fortune on her end, but it comes at the expense of giving other residents of Central City serious rounds of bad luck. Suffice it to say, this should be quite the test for Barry Allen and his cohorts as this is a problem that can’t be outrun.

Executive producer Todd Helbing lays it all out in the latest featurette, but we’ll have to see if we can truly describe this iteration of Hazard as a villain. In other words, she could just be an unfortunate victim of happenstance and doesn’t really mean any great harm to others.

Also of note is the return of Earth-2’s Harry Wells, who’ll apparently be bearing some bad news for Wally West. And while we obviously won’t know what that’ll entail until tonight, it has been confirmed that it’s a message for Kid Flash himself. For our sakes, let’s just hope that Jesse Quick isn’t dead and this is just a breakup at most.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.