HBO 2 Will Air Westworld Marathon All Day Saturday


Whether you’re behind on HBO’s acclaimed series Westworld, like this writer, or you’ve seen it all and want to revisit it, unlike this writer, you’re in luck. HBO 2 will air an all-day marathon starting tomorrow, December 10th, at 11 AM to 9 PM. Plan your schedules accordingly, folks.

The marathon received a trailer to promote its impending release earlier today, which you can see above. Be warned though, as it seems to reveal a few details that those who haven’t caught up completely, like myself, might not want to see just yet. Nevertheless, the 35-second teaser knows how to get viewers eager to visit/revisit the hot new series. It also knows how to compliment the gorgeous cinematography.

Starring Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright, Jimmi Simpson and Clifton Collins Jr., Westworld season 1 came from a tumultuous production and more delays than one reasonable person could count, but it proved to be worth the hassle in the end. The series became the most-watched freshman show ever for HBO, and a second season was greenlit not long after its premiere. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until 2018 to see where things go from here, but already the speculation has begun.

Based on the 1973 film by Michael Crichton, HBO’s newest series was created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Given its terrific success, it’s not hard to see why the network wants to make it the next Game of Thrones once their most popular show leaves after its eighth outing. So far, there are at least five seasons planned for Westworld and if you’re still behind on the first one, you’ll want to make sure you check out this upcoming marathon. It’ll be good to actually be in the conversation and all, you know?