8 Things We Want To See In Westworld Season 2


Unlike a lot of shows, HBO’s Westworld lived up to all the hype surrounding it before its release and became must-watch television. The sci-fi western drama proved to be a very fresh take on the familiar ‘robots go rogue’ story, offering a multi-layered puzzlebox of a first season.

Week by week it piled on the intrigue and mystery, garnering a very active and devoted fanbase of theorists and easter egg hunters. Even better, it then stuck the landing and provided most of the answers that we were looking for in an exciting and satisfying feature-length finale, titled “The Bicameral Mind.


Just like the hosts in the park, Westworld played a game with its audience and it seemed viewers enjoyed playing along with it. After all, it managed to beat Game of Thrones to become HBO’s highest-rated debut season ever. As such, there’s little doubt at this point that the show will have many seasons yet.

But what do we want to see next time the theme park opens in season 2? From returning characters and resolved plot threads, here are 8 things we’re hoping we get when Westworld returns – which probably won’t be until 2018. That may be a long wait, but something tells us it’ll be worth it.