HBO Max Reportedly Developing Arkham Asylum Series, Will Feature Joker

Joker Dark Knight

This week, we got word that The Batmanwhich isn’t even out yet, has already got itself a spinoff. A TV series based around the Gotham City Police Department, inspired by the Gotham Central comics, is on its way to HBO Max. The announcement of the show came with a promise that Warner Bros. is planning to build a wide-raging, multi-platform franchise around Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight and the universe he occupies. So, you can be sure the studio has plenty more ideas up their sleeves.

In fact, here’s one of them. According to our sources – the same ones who previously told us that a Green Lantern show is coming to HBO Max and that J.J. Abrams is developing a Justice League Dark series for the streaming service – another project is being developed as a spinoff of The Batman and it’s to be set at Arkham Asylum, the infamous psychiatric hospital home to the Bat’s biggest foes.

We’re being told that all the major villains will have roles, of some capacity, as well, which leaves the door open for cameos in the show from the likes of Colin Farrell’s Penguin or Paul Dano’s Riddler. But perhaps the most exciting thing about this is that we’re told that we’ll get to see the Joker in the series, too. Remember, this is the new version who’ll be introduced into The Batman‘s universe, likely in one of the sequels. Johnny Depp is rumored to be circling the part, but as of yet, WB hasn’t cast the role.

Despite the presence of Joker and company, however, this project will mainly focus on the staff of Arkham, not necessarily its patients. The comics have provided ample storylines where the doctors of the asylum have gone just as mad as the inmates, so this has the potential to be a very dark and psychological drama if it goes ahead. Presumably, at this stage HBO Max is throwing a lot of different ideas around, but we’re told that this one is certainly in the works and being developed behind closed doors.