HBO Max Reveals Official Logo For Peacemaker Series


James Gunn had been teasing that Peacemaker was going to be dropping some major bombs when The Suicide Squad spinoff series comes to DC FanDome next weekend, but HBO Max couldn’t seem to be able to hold its wad until then, with today bringing a couple of major reveals already.

We saw the first clip from the DCEU’s first expansion into episodic storytelling, which regaled us with the bizarre imagery of John Cena’s Christopher Smith showing up to dinner wearing his full costume, much like Cena himself did during almost the entire press and promotional circuit.

HBO Max is gearing up to launch internationally, so that would explain why the platform is leveraging one of The Suicide Squad‘s many breakout stars to drum up additional interest. A brand new official logo for the show has also been unveiled, which you can check out below.

Cena’s deadpan comic timing made him a standout in The Suicide Squad, which was no mean feat when every member of the ensemble pitched their performance to perfection. Gunn wrote the entire first season and directed a handful of the episodes, so his anarchic and very R-rated fingerprints are going to be all over Peacemaker, which makes it one of the most hotly-anticipated TV projects on the horizon.