HBO Max Has Reportedly Cast Its Constantine For Justice League Dark


HBO Max has apparently already cast its Constantine. It’s known that Warner Bros. has big plans for the occult detective, as there’s talk of a new movie featuring the character being in the works and, something that’s further along the line, Justice League Dark TV series produced by J.J. Abrams.

Details are currently scarce, but it appears the Abrams project is the one that’s in the midst of casting, with The Cultured Nerd’s Tyler Murphy dropping the bombshell in a tweet last Friday. “HBO’s Constantine has already been cast,” was all that he wrote, causing fans to go crazy with speculation.

In a reply to one such fan, Murphy shared that it’s not his place to break the news, but his source tells him that it won’t be “much longer” until the announcement is officially made on who’s the next person to don the Liverpudlian’s trenchoat.

In case you’re wondering, it doesn’t sound like there’s any chance that either of the two previous live-action Constantines – Legends of Tomorrow’s Matt Ryan or Keanu Reeves – could be involved with the project. Instead, whoever it is will be someone fresh to the role.

The full team line-up for the JLD show is reported to be Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Etrigan the Demon and Swamp Thing. No familiar actors are expected to return for the project, though, as Abrams and his team are said to want an all-new cast, including a few famous faces in there. So, whoever’s playing the Hellblazer could be a known name. Any suggestions, folks? Dan Stevens is often a popular fan-cast, and he’s also someone who does both TV and film projects.

It’s unknown if this apparently incoming announcement will arrive with news on the other team members or not. But if only Constantine has been cast, then that suggests he’ll be the main character of the series. In any case, Matt Ryan has his loyal fans, and many are banking on Reeves returning somewhere, so hopefully this new version of the antihero will be someone that DC lovers can get behind as well.