HBO Considering A Watchmen TV Series With Zack Snyder


According to a new report, a Watchmen TV series may be in the works at HBO, the cable network responsible for shows like Game of Thrones and True Detective. Zack Snyder originally adapted the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons comic book back in 2009, and while fans loved it, critics were divided and it didn’t make the biggest of impacts at the box office.

Apparently, Snyder has now been meeting with HBO to discuss bringing the property to television. There are no details as to whether it will be a prequel, sequel, reboot, or even just a story set in the same world with different characters, and it sounds like it’s still very early days for the series at this stage. There are plenty of examples of shows that HBO has come close to making – David Fincher’s Utopia is a good example – only to drop out at the last minute, so it may be far too soon to start getting excited about this one.


Even so, it’s certainly intriguing. A couple of years ago, DC Comics released a slew of Before Watchmen prequel stories which delved into the lives of these characters before they teamed up. We also never got to see much of them working as a team either in the original graphic novel or movie, so there’s a lot of ground to explore with a Watchmen TV show.

It’s hard to say what Snyder’s role might be at this stage, especially as he’s busy with the Justice League movie, but how do you feel about Watchmen potentially coming to the small screen?