HBO’s The Last Of Us Transforming An Entire Town Into A Video Game Location

the last of us

HBO hasn’t been hiding the fact that The Last of Us is set to be one of the most expensive television productions in history, with each episode reportedly costing upwards of $10 million, with leading man Pedro Pascal pocketing the hefty sum of $600,000 for each of the ten installments.

The sheer size of the project has created hundreds of jobs and pumped millions into the local economy, and it’s now been revealed that an entire town was transformed into a well-known location from the video games, such as The Last of Us‘ dedication to authenticity.

As you can see below, some digging has uncovered that beginning from November 15, the town of Canmore, Alberta is being completely taken over by The Last of Us and transformed into Jackson, Wyoming.

In the console classic, Jackson is one of the last places that’s managed to keep the apocalyptic virus at bay, with Joel’s brother Tommy and his wife Maria acting as the community leaders. Those familiar with the source material know that big things go down there, and it’s also an important part of the sequel, so it’s exciting to know that The Last of Us is going all-out to bring the world to life on the grandest imaginable scale.