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Heartbreaking fan art reveals the ‘Star Wars’ AU we all want to see

Disney Plus needs to get on this right now.

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In the wake of Marvel’s What If…?, Star Wars fans have become a little obsessed with the idea of a similar series set in the galaxy far, far away that could take a look at other universes in the sci-fi saga’s multiverse where everything is much different. Think about it, the options are endless. What if Rey joined Kylo Ren on the Dark Side? What if Qui-Gon lived? And, the most fascinating one of all, what if Anakin never became Vader?

With Obi-Wan Kenobi both bringing back Hayden Christensen and introducing a young Leia (Vivien Lyra Blair), this concept has been on the minds of fans a lot lately. And, while we wait for a Star Wars What If…? series to happen, this gorgeous yet heartbreaking piece of fan artwork gives us a tear-jerking taste of what this AU we so desperately want to visit would look like.

As shared on Twitter by @zendayazwrld, but originally created by artist Jabberwockyface, this incredible composition depicts the Skywalker family in silhouette, imagining a happier timeline where Anakin and Padme raised their two twins, Luke and Leia, together. Probably even living in a peaceful galaxy where the Empire never rose. And Obi-Wan was no doubt an adoring uncle to the kids. Dang it, there’s something in my eye…

This masterful piece, and the way it’s gone viral on social media, just reminds us again why Lucasfilm and Disney Plus are blind for not having jumped on doing a What If…?-style show already. And if there is a problem with getting an animated show off the ground for whatever reason, why not do it as a Marvel Comics series instead? They could literally just print pages and pages of Anakin and Padme being wholesome parents and people would mainline it.

Alas, in the universe we’re stuck in, it’s up to fans to use their considerable creative talents to make Star Wars AUs a reality. As for what Lucasfilm and Disney Plus are offering, Obi-Wan Kenobi streams new episodes on Wednesdays.

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