He-Man Reportedly Isn’t The Main Character In Masters Of The Universe: Revelation

Masters of the Universe: Revelations

UPDATE: This article has been edited/modified at the request of Netflix to remove spoilers for the show.

Netflix is set to launch its He-Man reboot in just over a month’s time, with fans eagerly anticipating Masters of the Universe: Revelation – a new animated series from Kevin Smith that’s being plugged as both a continuation of the beloved 80s cartoon and also a more mature reimagining of the property. We’ve yet to find out how Smith plans to update the source material and freshen it up, but a new rumor points to a major twist we didn’t see coming.

Redditor SpideyForever245 has turfed out some accurate intel in the past, including revealing Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Falcon and the Winter Soldier cameo before that happened, so their latest post could be worth paying attention to. And if it is onto something, it reveals a shocking development that’ll happen in the reboot’s first episode.

According to the source, the main character of the series is allegedly Teela, as voiced by Buffy the Vampire Slayer icon Sarah Michelle Gellar. As fans will know, Teela is a major figure in pretty much every incarnation of the franchise. In the original 80s show, which Revelation shares continuity with, she’s Captain of the Royal Guard of the palace of Eternos and the protector of Adam, unaware that he’s really He-Man. She’s also the secret daughter of the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull.

Following the standalone She-Ra and the Princesses of Power spinoff, Smith may have decided it was a good idea to give Masters of the Universe: Revelation a feminist twist, too. That would explain the lack of He-Man’s name in the title. In any case, we’ll find out what the truth is when the first five episodes of the animation launch July 23rd on Netflix.