Henry Cavill shares ‘The Witcher’ selfie as Geralt from ‘private collection’

the witcher

Henry Cavil took to Instagram Tuesday to share a selfie of himself as Geralt of Rivia better known as the titular character in Netflix’s TV series The Witcher.

The show, which has a second season slated to hit the streaming service next month, promises more monster-hunting fun from the Kaer Morhen native. But it won’t be a cakewalk, as evidenced by a recent clip of the series, in which Geralt gets creamed by a giant centipede-like creature with a skull for a face, known as a Myriapod.

However, the selfie Cavill recently shared was one in which the sun was shining on the silver-haired and yellow-eyed Witcher.

Back in its heyday, the first season of The Witcher was actually the streaming service’s top original show for a time when it premiered back in 2019. However, that crown was later claimed by Bridgerton and subsequently Squid Game.

According to Netflix Top 10, the first season of The Witcher still impressively boasts the number three spot in terms of Top 10 Most Popular TV (English), as of press time. That is based on what Netflix considers to be an all-time ranking, calculated by hours viewed in the first 28 days that the show went live. The fantasy series trails behind the first season of Bridgerton (in the number one spot) and the third season of Stranger Things.

Pretty impressive for a show based on a book series from Poland that is considered to be a cult classic and only got an English translation back in 2007, the same year the even more popular video game franchise of the same name by CD Projekt RED launched its first title.

Catch The Witcher season two on Netflix Dec. 17.