Watch: Geralt gets creamed by the Myriapod in new Witcher season 2 teaser

the witcher

All the hubbub surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man: No Way Home has completely removed The Witcher from the cultural conversation, even though Henry Cavill’s long-awaited return as Geralt of Rivia comes to Netflix the exact same day Tom Holland’s latest superhero outing hits theaters.

The Kaer Morhen native has a point to prove, having watched Bridgerton and Squid Game defeat his first run of monster-slaying adventures to become the most-watched original series in Netflix history, and absence has definitely made the heart grow fonder as we gear up to return to the Continent.

Netflix Geeked has dropped a brief clip from Season 2, and proving that he’s not going to have things come easy, Geralt can be seen getting his ass handed to him on a silver platter by a Myriapod, as you can see below.

Animated prequel Nightmare of the Wolf may have tided fans over for a while, but two years is an eternity in the world of episodic television, so expectation and anticipation are seriously starting to build for the return of The Witcher, especially when Netflix has a slew of additional film and TV content in the works to continue expanding the small screen mythology.