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Here are the best Christmas episodes of ‘Community’

Check out these holiday episodes of 'Community,' which can be enjoyed whether you've seen other episodes of the show or are a new viewer!

During the holiday season, many of us finally get the much-needed break we need to sit back and enjoy our favorite shows. Why not keep with the holiday spirit while binging through some of the most popular sitcoms of the last decade?

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Community, for example, has plenty of Christmas cheer to go around, and whether you’ve seen the show before or not, you’ll definitely enjoy these episodes. If you’re not looking to binge the entire show, here’s a guide to all of the holiday episodes that appear in Community’s six-season run.

There are a total of four Christmas-themed episodes within Community’s six-season run:

  • “Comparative Religion” – Season 1, Episode 12
  • “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” – Season 2, Episode 11
  • “Regional Holiday Music” – Season 3, Episode 10
  • “Intro To Knots” – Season 4, Episode 10

“Comparative Religion” – Season 1, Episode 12

In the very first season of Community, Shirley attempts to bring the group together to celebrate Christmas before realizing that they all have very different religious backgrounds. The episode also sees Jeff stand up for Abed against a cafeteria bully while coming to the realization that he may fail Spanish 101.

“Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” – Season 2, Episode 11

“Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” is one of the show’s most popular episodes due to its unique stop-motion claymation style. In this episode, the group attempts to show Abed what Christmas is all about.

“Regional Holiday Music” – Season 3, Episode 10

This is another of Community’s most popular episodes and also one of its rare musical episodes. In this Glee parody, Abed tries to get the gang to join the Glee Club to help them qualify for regionals. Despite their initial resistance, one by one things start to change.

“Intro To Knots” – Season 4, Episode 10

Jeff allows the gang to gather at his apartment for their holiday celebrations; however, Annie brings an unexpected guest⏤Professor Cornwallis⏤who she is trying to make a good impression on.

You can stream these episodes of Community, along with a treasure trove of others, on Netflix and Hulu.

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