Here are the best Christmas episodes of ‘Gilmore Girls’

If you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls, then you know that the series is praised for its wholesome and charming storylines, characters, and setting. You also know that it revolves around a single mother and her daughter as they navigate life in a small Connecticut town.

Stars Hollow is the place that Rory and Lorelai Gilmore call home, and it’s the kind of picturesque place we’d all like to inhabit. It’s a town where Lorelai made a new life for herself and her daughter, and while that whole “everyone knows everyone” thing can be taxing, it also carves out a safe space for our favorite mother/daughter duo.

Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino had this to say about the heart of Gilmore Girls in a sit-down with Collider.

“I think the theme was always family and connection. I always felt like the underlying thing about Gilmore was that, if you happened to be born into a family that doesn’t really understand you, go out and make your own. That’s what Lorelai did. She went out and she made her own family. The ironic twist in her life is that then this daughter that she created this whole family for, likes the family that she left. It was a cycle of crazy family.”

With a premise that sweet, it’s easy to understand why Gilmore Girls’ Christmas episodes have gone on to become huge fan favorites. Here are a few of our favorites from the show that are sure to give you an even deeper appreciation for the holiday season.

That’ll Do, Pig” (Season 3, Episode 10)

A winter festival is on the horizon, and the residents of Stars Hollow are abuzz with excitement — well, most of them are. Rory is excited to go with Jess, but he’s not really into the whole experience. Another concurrent celebration is that of Richard’s 60th birthday, and there’s a surprise in store for everyone that no one is expecting. This may be a winter episode as opposed to a Christmas one, but it’s still one that’s fun to watch during the holidays. There are gifts, a town-wide celebration, and of course the wintery backdrop of Stars Hollow that sets the perfect festive season mood.

Santa’s Secret Stuff” (Season 7, Episode 11)

Rory is in London for the holidays and Lorelai and Chris don’t feel like celebrating without her, so Christmas is on hold until she returns. That doesn’t stop the holiday season from moving forward for everyone else, but luckily Rory returns home soon. She and Lorelai do their Christmas shopping late, the family decorates several trees together, and they even share some holiday traditions as a family. While not everyone loved Lorelai and Chris together (trust us, we get it), it’s still a sweet holiday episode nonetheless.

Forgiveness and Stuff” (Season 1, Episode 10)

Lorelai can’t get off work early to get to Christmas dinner on time, so her mother suggests she skip it altogether. An upset Lorelai spends the evening by herself when she realizes there’s an unexpected guest at their home. In addition to the guest, Lorelai finds out that her dad got sick at the Christmas dinner she was uninvited too and as far as holidays go, it’s not one to write home about. All this makes for an episode that fans can relate to, since we’ve all had those significant moments we plan and excitedly look forward to only for them to go every way but the one we expected.

“The Bracebridge Dinner” (Season 2, Episode 10)

“The Bracebridge Dinner” isn’t just a holiday fan favorite ⏤ it’s a series-best! When Lorelai and Sookie plan a Christmas dinner for their company, they’ve got high standards and expectations for a wonderful party. Unfortunately, the Bracebridge group cancels, and they’re faced with a decision: do they cancel everything or go on with an all-out bash? The Christmas party turns into an event for Stars Hollow instead, and it’s the type of celebration we aim to have for our own gatherings. It’s fun, cheerful, and filled with relatable moments. The holidays bring us together, which can bring out the good and not-so-flattering in everyone. What counts is that at the end of the day, you’re with the people you love the most.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life: “Winter

Fans were thrilled when Gilmore Girls came back for A Year in the Life, and the characters’ winter season was as warm and fuzzy as we could have hoped for. Seeing our favorite characters for the first time in years was a delight, but the loss of Richard, Lorelai’s father, hurt viewers as much as it broke the characters we loved. His death set the tone of the cold and harshness of winter as well as the struggles characters faced, but the way healing begins to take place in time with spring’s arrival brings some of that warmth back together.

Are you a major fan of Gilmore Girls? What are some of your favorite Christmas episodes? Let us know in a comment below!