The Heroes Of DC TV “Save The Day” In Exciting New Promo That Teases Crossover


A few short years ago, Arrow was merely but a standalone show on The CW – and superpowers didn’t exist in that universe. Obviously, that changed before long when Barry Allen was introduced in season 2, thereby serving as a springboard to his own hit series, The Flash. And, in the time since, what’s been appropriately dubbed the “Arrowverse” has expanded with the likes of Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. Well, the latter is technically part of a broader multiverse, but that truly illustrates just how far we’ve come.

Something else about this shared continuity that’s delighted a multitude of viewers is that of the crossovers it’s lent itself to. Each fall, the heroes of the Arrowverse unite to take on a threat too big for any one of them, with each subsequent year’s offering becoming even more grandiose than the one that preceded it. And while the overarching villain for 2017’s mashup remains a mystery at this moment, we do know the next crossover will be contained to two nights but will include all four shows we’ve been discussing.

Still, smaller ones have occurred along the way, with more sure to come. As of now, we know that Arrow’s Felicity Smoak will be paying Central City another visit before long and, much more surprisingly, Kara Zor-El may stop by Riverdale at some point.

Similarly, it appears as though a smaller crossover between The Flash and Legends may air before long. As we can see in the new promo video embedded at the top which includes footage both new and old culled from all shows involved, there’s some banter exchanged between Kid Flash and Citizen Steel. Now, this could be from the big four-show extravaganza itself, but none of these series are that far ahead in their shooting schedules, so it’s more than likely this scene will air well before late November.

The CW kicks off the next season of DC TV beginning on Monday, October 9 with SupergirlThe Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are set to follow on Tuesday, October 10, with Arrow bringing up the rear on Thursday, October 12.