‘Herogasm’ already has ‘The Boys’ fans weak at the knees

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It was way back in 2021 that The Boys faithful found out that season three would feature an adaptation of “Herogasm,” which is said to escalate the usual essence of the show/comic to its absolute peak. Fans have been getting edged with “Herogasm” teasers for ages, and now, the long-awaited episode is finally set to drop this Friday.

For those of you still in the dark about “Herogasm,” the comic issue follows the titular gang as they infiltrate a Vought-sponsored retreat for Supes. In reality, these retreats are actually orgies, which should come to the surprise of absolutely no one. Not only does the title give away the sexy shenanigans at play, but if any show was going to go all-in on such a premise, it would be this one.

We previously covered how The Boys‘ official Twitter account took to the “Herogasm” pre-celebrations by sharing a photo that, allegedly, did not get approved for a Twitter emoji.

Despite Twitter’s cock-blocking, fans of the show are gearing up for the highly-anticipated episode in their own ways, with many of them celebrating the dawn of “Herogasm week.”

To even suggest “Herogasm week” is a testament to how legendary of an adaptation this is going to be. Others, while also visibly excited, were prepared to be scarred by the episode in all the best ways. As The Boys tends to do.

Like every episode of season three thus far, episode six of The Boys, “Herogasm,” releases this Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

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