‘The Boys’ light up social media teasing the aptly titled next episode

the boys homelander
via Prime Video

The Boys continues to rain supreme on Amazon Prime Video and while season three so far has been full of highs, things are only set to get bigger with the show’s next episode “Herogasm”.

“Herogasm” is the name of The Boys next episode which is closely adapted from the comic issue of the same name. In a post to social media, The Boys official account teased the next episode “Herogasm” sharing a hashtag with its own accompanying emoji. 

Replying to this post, The Boys shared the emoji that they wanted to use for the hashtag which Twitter chose not to approve — an eggplant donning a cape. To make up for the lack of spotlight, the account has since made the emoji its profile picture.

Venturing into the hashtag, “Herogasm” has sparked a ton of memes both from fans, the official account, and stars of the show teasing what’s to come when the show returns for its sixth episode on Friday.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Jack Quaid who plays Hughie on the show spoke about the issue admitting that they had to bring all of the craziness to the screen.

“I read all of the comic books when I was cast as Hughie, and ‘Herogasm’ was one of those issues where I was like, ‘Okay, we need to do this or some version of this because this is the craziest thing I’ve ever read. I think we definitely stayed true to the comic. I can’t really say much about “Herogasm”. I think the joy of “Herogasm” is figuring out what exactly that means, watching it for yourself, seeing how it unfolds. That goes into places where you wouldn’t necessarily expect it to go.”

Fans don’t have long to wait until “Herogasm” is here, The Boys season three episode six will arrive on Amazon Prime Video on Friday.