A Great Hidden Gem Will Be Leaving Netflix In January


Perhaps overlooked by many subscribers, the Australian limited series Reckoning has been one of Netflix‘s most underrated additions this year. Indeed, Stephen King’s even praised the ten-episode thriller as one to watch, but those wanting to catch up on the murder mystery don’t have too long to do so, as it’s being removed from several major regions on January 1st, 2021.

Originally shown on the Sony premium cable channel AXN in Australia, Reckoning explores the aftermath of the disappearance of a local teenager, and the efforts by two men to protect their families in a small community. Sam Trammell of True Blood fame plays Leo, a high school guidance counsellor with a past as a serial killer, while Rectify‘s Aden Young is Mike, a detective investigating the missing teen.

Part of the appeal of Reckoning seems to be the ways in which Leo and Mike’s lives and past cross during the episodes, and a central mystery plot concerning a murderer preying on the local population. While it’s not been one of Netflix’s most successful offerings, many viewers do seem to have been sucked in by the show and its strong lead performances, making it a favorite for those who found it in their recommendations.


Still, good word-of-mouth isn’t going to translate into an extended run on the platform for Reckoning, which has been available in most countries since May this year. In addition, there’s been no update on whether a follow-up story is planned, although reactions indicate that things get wrapped up in a satisfactory enough way to make the program work as a standalone experience.

Reckoning will be leaving Netflix in most markets in the New Year, including the United States, the UK, Canada, and Australia, with no clear idea yet as to where it’ll end up. It’s also worth pointing out that Netflix will be losing a lot more of its content in 2021, as existing license deals expire and additional high-profile material is relocated to its corporate owners’ subsidiaries.