Watch: Hilarious Videos Put Star Trek: The Next Generation Bloopers Back Into The Show


Last month, we reported on a hilarious new video series created by YouTuber Ryan’s Edits which found a whole new way to enjoy outtakes. The video editor took the funniest bloopers from Star Trek: The Next Generation and reintegrated them into their original scenes, creating bizarre out-of-character moments for the Enterprise-D crew. Since then, many more have been posted that Trek fans will definitely want to check out.

I’ve highlighted one of the best in the player above, for instance, which makes use of a blooper from season 3’s “A Matter of Perspective.” The actual scene is super-serious, as Cmmdr. Riker is accused of murder – but this “intake” version gives things a comedic spin as, when introducing Riker, Captain Picard can’t remember his own Number One’s name (thanks to Patrick Stewart having momentary memory loss when filming).

Along similar lines – proving that even great thespians like Stewart forget their lines now and then – another video uses footage from season 2’s “Unnatural Selection.” In this clip, Picard storms in to see O’Brien with an idea… only for it to leave his head upon entering, causing Data to heavily suggest it for him. And don’t miss the video titled “Riker and Picard are Relieved,” taken from season 5’s “Cost of Living,” in which the two officers get surprisingly cosy with each other.

These “intakes” are going down a hit with fans, with many calling for Ryan’s Edits to try and do these for other Trek shows, too, or maybe even other TV series in general. It’s definitely a fun, fresh way of approaching outtakes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if other creators took up this concept. But for now, enjoy watching Star Trek: The Next Generation in a very different light via the link below.