Star Trek: The Next Generation Fan Turns Outtakes Into Hilarious Alternate Scenes


The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation are as close as a TV cast can be. In fact, the regulars of the classic 80s/90s series are still in each others’ lives to this day – as shown by them hosting a virtual quarantine birthday party for Marina Sirtis just last month. Not to mention that many of them have reunited on-screen in Star Trek: PicardYou can also see how pally the cast were and how much fun they had on set from the hilarious outtakes from the show’s seven seasons.

And now, you can witness these outtakes in a whole new, much weirder, form thanks to a new series of videos. As created by YouTube channel Ryan’s Edits, the clips take an outtake and reintroduce it into the scene’s original context, transforming it into a surreal alternate take. Or, Star Trek: INtakes, as the title dubs them. The creator’s posted five of them to date. You can find the first one above, while the others are all on the aforementioned YouTube channel.

As you can see, in the first one, Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) and Worf (Michael Dorn) celebrate their victory with a quick high five in a clip from season 4’s “Future Imperfect.” Meanwhile, in another one, Worf makes a surprising admission in an alternate version of a scene from season 3’s “Booby Trap,” while in an outtake from the very same episode, Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) doesn’t hold back with her advice to Geordi.

He’s got several more on his channel as well, so you might want to subscribe or keep an eye out for further videos. After all, while we wait for Discovery season 3 to arrive on CBS All Access sometime later this year, what better way to scratch that itch by watching an insane, off-kilter version of Star Trek: The Next Generation?