Hope Remains For Seeing Sabrina On Riverdale


Having witnessed one hell of a season finale last night, our focus now turns toward what lies ahead for Riverdale. Aside from wanting to learn who shot Archie Andrews’ father, Fred, we’re looking forward to seeing which characters from the comics show up next. Well, we do know that Hiram Lodge will finally be seen in the flesh come next year, but someone long on the minds of fans has been that of Sabrina.

Now, it had been mentioned a while back that the teenage witch was a possibility for the inaugural season, but according to executive producer and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the series’ creative minds had a perfectly sound reason for holding off:

“There’s no secret that I love that character, and that that character is a huge part of the Archie universe. The truth is, we did talk a lot about introducing Sabrina, but she’s such an important character and it’s such a big idea to introduce the supernatural into a natural world that honestly when we got to the finale — it was before that, it was maybe a couple of months before that — we kind of realized that there was so much stuff to play that if we introduced Sabrina, it would kind of overshadow everything that we had planned.”

Being familiar with the source material, I personally thought the version of the character seen in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina would be a good fit for this series given its darker tone. But, according to the man in charge, we may see a more grounded take on her if she is introduced on Riverdale:

“The show kind of has hints of the supernatural throughout it; there are visions of Jason as a ghost, as a zombie. Archie sees werewolves. There’s a lot of talk about angry, pagan gods and there’s a voodoo doll. We are going to continue exploring the idea of the supernatural being on the fringes of Riverdale, and that might be to lead up to Sabrina’s arrival or that might just be to make it more like Twin Peaks and the way they dealt with the supernatural.”

Does that sound alright to you? Or do you want some mysticism in your primetime dramas? Sound off in the usual place below!

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