House Of Cards Season 4 Teaser Campaigns For Frank Underwood’s Second Term In Style


If yesterday’s breathless full trailer had the Underwoods at loggerheads with one another, Frank Underwood’s hopes of securing a second term in the Oval Office take center stage in the latest teaser for Netflix’s House of Cards season 4.

Quite literally dripping with ominous symbolism, the clip features a painter adding the final touches to a mural of the current President of the United States, promising that he will do anything for America as his campaigning begins to reach a fever pitch.

More than anything, it’s a subtle reminder of Frank’s meteoric rise to become the most powerful man on the planet, with the dripping blood-red paint hinting at the backstabbing, double-crossing and immoral shortcuts he took to secure his place at the head of the country.

Behind the patriotic campaign banners, however, is a fractured human being still licking his gaping wounds in the aftermath of season 3. From yesterday’s pulse-pounding tease, we know that Robin Wright’s Claire returns to the fray, despite “destroying everything” that the once-ironclad power couple had achieved hitherto.

Despite the context of Frank’s presidential campaign, the core dynamic between the couple has anchored the series from day one. Plus, considering that season 3 chronicled the self-destruction of their atypical relationship, we can only imagine what lies in store for the twosome early next month.

All 13 episodes of House of Cards season 4 will land on Netflix come March 4, lending you plenty of time to prepare for what will surely be a politically-charged emotional whirlwind, with Claire, Frank and his chief opponent Heather Dunbar caught up somewhere in between.

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