Breathless First Trailer For House Of Cards Season 4 Brings Down Francis’ World Brick By Brick


“You have no idea what it means to have nothing,” growls Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood in the first trailer for House of Cards season 4.

Still licking his wounds from the closing scenes of the previous season, today’s snippet showcases Robin Wright’s First Lady Claire return to the fray once more, sending her estranged husband ever closer to the brink.


At only one minute in length, Netflix’s sizzle reel is a breathless peek at the upcoming season, from the rat-a-tat editing to scenes oozing with Shakespearian symbolism – that tap dripping with blood can only portend all kinds of trouble. There’s also fleeting glimpses of Remy and Jackie back together, Lars Mikkelsen’s conniving Russian president and Underwood keeping up tradition by rapping the Oval Office desk twice with his trusty ring.

In fact, if House of Cards season 4 is to be Beau Wilimon’s final outing as showrunner – the creator announced plans to part ways shortly after Netflix ordered a season 5 – then it’s shaping up to be quite the curtain call. One thing’s for sure: Heather Dunbar is only one of a number of problems lumping pressure on Frank Underwood, as he puts on a brave face for a presidential campaign that Claire almost brought to its knees. “We had a future until you started destroying it,” he laments. But how will Robin Wright’s graceful and complex First Lady impact the event of season 4?

All 13 episode of House of Cards season 4 will arrive on Netflix come March 4. Recently, Suicide Squad actor Joel Kinnaman was tapped for an unknown role.

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