House Of Cards Season 4 Teaser Sheds Light On Frank Underwood’s Chequered Past


America deserves Frank Underwood. Less a proposition and more of an out-and-out demand, Kevin Spacey’s delightfully amoral character lays out his presidential bid in the latest teaser for House of Cards season 4, but behind his patriotic rallying call lies a chequered past that would put off even his most ardent supporter.

As such, it goes without saying that there’s plenty of spoilers littered across today’s clip if you’ve yet to fully catch up with Frank Underwood’s unprecedented climb to the top of the food chain. Sandwiched in between last night’s Golden Globes awards ceremony, the trailer doesn’t necessarily contain any new footage; it’s simply a reminder that Spacey’s ruthless predator is ready to storm the White House once again with a renewed sense of purpose.

Mapping out a presidential campaign just as his real-life counterparts begin their own, House of Cards season 4 will naturally benefit from its opportune release window, now that the Netflix show is locked for a return on March 4. But how will Underwood’s campaign fare without the First Lady by his side?

Yes, there’s still plenty left unanswered from the series’ last outing early last year, which shifted the tone from Frank’s power-hungry ascent to the once-ironclad marriage between him and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). Left hanging by a thread at the tail-end of season 3, it’s anyone’s guess whether their relationship is beyond repair, but one thing’s for sure, expect that fraught dynamic to filter into season 4 either directly or indirectly.

Frank Underwood returns with that signature Southern drawl when House of Cards season 4 premieres on March 4, 2016.

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