How ‘House of the Dragon’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ are connected, explained

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Game of Thrones became a worldwide phenomenon and took the world by storm back in 2011, so much so that there is a new prequel coming out, House of the Dragon, that will only add to the legacy that Game of Thrones established. Those who have seen Game of Thrones cannot wait to see House of the Dragon tell the stories that came before.

Much like we have seen with Better Call Saul, a great prequel can come from an excellent original show. Here is how House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones are connected.

How are House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones connected?

Daemon Targaryen and Daenerys Game of Thrones
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House of the Dragon will cover the backstory of the Targaryen dynasty. The show tells the story of how the Targaryens became so powerful and took control of the Iron Throne.

Aenar Targaryen listens to his daughter, Daenys, about dreams that she had of their home being destroyed. The family then sails to Dragsonstone, the same place Stannis Baratheon spent time during Game of Thrones, and 12 years later, the home that the Targaryens had left behind is destroyed, killing everyone, including the dragons. There were only a few dragons left at that point, all of whom were controlled by the Targaryens. Years later, Aegon decided he wanted to rule Westeros, so using the dragons, he takes it over.

As the years go on, there are different rulers within the Targaryen family, almost an entire Game of Thrones‘ worth with those battling for the throne just within the family. There is constant bloodshed and fighting going on, as every member thinks that they have the best claim. This is where the show will pick up, and where fans will watch as the story of the Targaryen dynasty is told.

Viserys Targaryen names his daughter, Rhaenyra, as his heir, and that is not received well by those in Westeros, who want a male to take over the leadership role and do not like that a woman will be the one they take their orders from.

In order to help her claim to the throne, Rhaenyra marries Lord Corlys Valaryon, a shipmaster from a family that was a key ally for Aegon when he took over Westeros.

Fans can stream House of the Dragon on August 21 on HBO Max.