‘How I Met Your Father’ cast give their top picks for who the father is

For nine seasons, How I Met Your Mother kept fans guessing as to the identity of the titular mother of Ted Moseby’s kids, with this added mystery element to the sitcom format being a big part of what earned it such a devoted fanbase in the first place. So it’s no surprise that its sequel/spinoff/sister show How I Met Your Father, which just premiered on Hulu, is keen to recreate the guessing game in its own way.

As the title makes clear, the new series essentially flips HIMYM‘s mystery on its head. HIMYF follows Hilary Duff’s Sophie as she navigates the trials and tribulations of finding love in her 30s, all while Kim Cattrall’s older Sophie recalls to her unseen son how she got to know their father. With various male characters in the cast, there are already multiple suspects for Sophie’s future baby daddy, even at this early stage.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter video below), Duff and the rest of the show’s stars offer their own choices for who the father is. Chris Lowell, who plays Jesse, teased a potential romance between his character and Sophie with his cheeky response. “If one version of that is Hilary and I together as a couple, I got no complaints,” Lowell said. Duff then joked that she would’ve taken him down if he did have any complaints.

Catch the full interview via the tweet below:

The most popular choice among the cast, though, seems to be Josh Peck’s Drew, a character who Suraj Sharma (Sid), Tom Ainsley (Charlie), and Francia Raisia (Valentina) all agree they’re big fans of. The only hitch is that Old Sophie said she met the father on the night the pilot took place, and Drew didn’t appear in the pilot. So does that rule Drew out of the race, or could it be later revealed Sophie met Drew off-screen that night?

How I Met Your Father airs new episodes Tuesdays on Hulu.

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