How Much Does YouTube’s Graham Stephan Make?

Graham Stephan
Photo via Graham Stephan/YouTube

YouTube is home to a baffling variety of different personalities, featuring everything from cooking shows and news segments to prank channels, gaming streams, and children’s shows. You can find an answer to nearly everything if you search YouTube long enough, and you’re likely to discover a dozen new interests while you look. 

The majority of people who stumble upon Graham Stephan’s YouTube channel are probably not looking for reaction videos or any of the typical YouTube fare. That’s largely because the 31-year-old creator made a name for himself through videos that lean on his thorough knowledge of real estate. His uploads, which do contain the occasional reaction or YouTube drama breakdown, largely center around providing information, advice, and tips on the real estate market.

In the nearly five years that he’s been on the platform, Stephan’s dedication to this formula has earned him a hearty following. His primary channel, titled simply “Graham Stephan,” has 3.35 million subscribers, and upwards of 300 million views. His side-channels—the “Graham Stephan Show,” “The Iced Coffee Hour,” and “The Stefamily”—have more than a million subscribers between them. 

So, how does all this online fame transfer to Stephan’s bank account? We ran the numbers.

What is Graham Stephan’s net worth?

All this traffic on YouTube has helped Stephan to become a massive success online. His real estate ventures helped him to become a millionaire at a young age, but his continued success on the video-sharing platform has helped to bolster his financial backbone. What used to be an income made solely through real estate ventures has shifted, leaving Stephen making the majority of his income through YouTube.

That income is nothing to scoff at. The 31-year-old creator has built on his wealth over the years, and now boasts a monthly income of between $150,000 and $300,000. In a 2020 video, the real estate YouTuber announced that his net worth was a whopping $6.5 million, a number that has likely only grown in the months since.

On top of his real estate income and YouTube returns, Stephan also teaches two online courses centered around his two breadwinners: real estate and YouTube. The first, titled “The Real Estate Agent Academy,” teaches newcomers tips to get started in the industry. His second course, “The YouTube Creator Academy,” helps educate creators on how to turn their YouTube channel into a lucrative career.

The courses add a solid $30,000 a month to Stephan’s income, according to CNBC. This, combined with the money he makes from rental properties, real estate commissions, affiliates and sponsors, and ad revenue rockets him to his high yearly earnings. It helps that Stephan keeps his outgoing expenses low, a big contributor to the creator becoming a millionaire at the ripe young age of 26.