How Old Are Jake And Logan Paul?

Over the past few years brothers, Logan and Jake Paul have become household names for many different reasons, some not so right. These two former Vine stars are exploded into mainstream stardom with their appearances on the Disney channel, wildly successful YouTube careers, and ventures in the sport of boxing.

Both brothers have been a part of controversy whether it be Jake’s part antics in the Hollywood hills or Logan’s venture into a Japanese forest. While they haven’t had the longest careers, the Pauls have been there and done it all. Not only do the numbers speak for themselves, but the opportunity these brothers have been afforded only comes off the back of success.

Love them or hate them, it’s hard to discredit the success these two boys have had and what is most impressive is that they have achieved this at reasonably young ages.

How Old Are The Paul Brothers?

Separated in age by two years, Logan Paul is currently 26 years old while his younger brother Jake is 24.

Being the oldest, Logan was the first of the brothers to get into the entertainment industry with his first content as part of the YouTube channel Zoosh at just 10 years of age. As he got older Logan began to work on his own channel which rapidly spiked in growth thanks to the Twitter-owned short video platform Vine.

The brothers rose on the platform together with Jake beginning to create content on Vine in 2013 and both brothers continuing to do so until it was ultimately shut down in 2016. The success that these siblings attained from the platform transferred into other endeavors with Logan scoring himself many high-profile TV spots as well as simultaneously growing his already established YouTube presence. Jake in a similar fashion rose to the top of YouTube which now sees both brothers boast over 20 million followers.

Being in their mid 20’s, there is plenty more of the Paul brothers to come in the future as younger brother Jake continues to pursue a legit career in boxing while Logan seeks prize fights in combat sports, most recently taking on the greatest boxer of all time Floyd Mayweather.

Even when they lose, they win and that has been a constant throughout the meteoric rise of the Paul brothers.