How Old Is Rem In Re: Zero?

Rem RE: Zero

Since its second season began last year, anime fans have fallen in love with Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-. The series follows Subaru Natsuki, a teenage shut-in suddenly teleported to a dark fantasy world where he seemingly cannot die.

But it’s not Subaru’s exploits that have garnered Re:Zero an enormous fandom. The anime’s supporting cast is just as memorable as they are adorable.

Take one of Re:Zero’s most widely recognized characters, the polite, respectful blue-haired maid girl Rem. Along with her sister Ram, Rem serves Roswall L Mathers, one of the series’ anti-villains. Throughout the anime, Rem unleashes a range of powerful abilities. Synthesia allows her and Ram to share feelings telepathically, and her Oni form grants her extreme power. But it’s Rem’s personality, including her caring relationship with Subaru, that solidified her as a fan-favorite across the Re:Zero fandom.

Despite Rem’s popularity, there’s still plenty of mystery around her character. That includes her age. How old is Rem, and does she age throughout the series? Here’s what Re:Zero fans know based on the wider light novel series.

Rem RE: Zero

How old is Rem?

Re:Zero is split into multiple arcs, each correlating with the original Re:Zero light novel releases. The Re:Zero anime has already depicted the first through third arcs. This gives fans a timeline to understand Rem’s age.

Despite her childlike appearance, Rem isn’t a young girl. She’s actually a teenager. When fans meet Rem during Re:Zero’s first season, she and her twin sister are 17 years old. Despite the powerful Oni species’ blood running through her veins, Rem ages normally as time passes through the series. This means that the longer the show runs, the older her character grows.

Between Re:Zero’s third and fourth arcs, Rem turns 18. By the time season two ends, Rem is about to turn 19, given Rem is that age during the fourth arc (which the anime series does not depict yet). This means Rem will be 19 during Re:Zero’s third season.

Granted, Re:Zero studio White Fox could always change how Rem ages over time as the anime adaptation continues. So any comparisons between Rem’s age in original light novels and the anime series should be seen as purely speculative until fans learn more about their favorite maid girl.