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How Tall Is Nick Cannon?

Does his height match the size of his personality?

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon seems to have a hard time staying out of the spotlight. The Wild ‘N Out star has once again made himself the talk of the town with his usual antics, this time at the Video Music Awards, which aired Sunday on MTV. Dressed like a parody of the typical modern rap artist⏤complete with chains, eccentric yet tight-fitting attire, and fake dreadlocks⏤the 40-year-old rapper decided to put on a show when he “proposed” to R&B artist Ashanti on the red carpet.

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It was all for fun, of course, as Cannon has made headlines recently for fathering several children at once. His proposal to Ashanti was meant to poke fun at his uncanny ability to keep finding “baby mamas.” From his anti-Semitic comments against Viacom (for which he has apologized) to his quest to father as many children as possible, people know a lot about Nick Cannon. But does anyone know how tall he is?

Born October 8th 1980, Cannon started his career on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy All That in the mid-’90s. He went on to star in several films including Men in Black 2, Drumline, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Shall We Dance, Roll Bounce, and Chi-Raq. However, his biggest claim to fame has been his long tenure as the creator, producer, and host of the MTV sketch comedy show Wild ‘N Out, which first aired in 2005 and is currently on its 16th season. It’s one of the longest-running sketch comedy shows after NBC’S Saturday Night Live.

Cannon’s hosting duties on Wild ‘N Out opened more doors on the hosting circuit and he was soon hired to host NBC’S America’s Got Talent in 2009. He remained the show’s host until 2016 and was later hired to host Fox’s The Masked Singer in 2019.

Outside of his hosting duties and film accolades, Cannon is also well-known for his publicized beef with Eminem and his marriage to famed R&B icon Mariah Carey. Eminem and Mariah go back over a decade, when they traded shots over their brief relationship at the height of Eminem’s career. Being the ladies’ man that he is, Cannon inserted himself into the conflict on his wife’s behalf and released several songs dissing the Detroit spitter, which prompted a feud between the two men that continued long after Cannon’s divorce from Carey. In fact, it’s still a subject of conversation for fans of both artists.

It’s clear that Nick Cannon’s ego is sometimes bigger than the man himself, but exactly how much bigger are we talking?

How Tall Is Nick Cannon?

According to Celeb Heights, Nick Cannon actually stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall. Depending on the shoes he’s wearing that day, he may even stand at an even 6 feet, though that’s probably a stretch (no pun intended). However, it doesn’t really matter how tall Cannon really is. With the size of his ego and personality, he’ll always be taller than any 6-foot person in the room.