She-Hulk Will Reportedly Introduce Hulk’s Son Into The MCU


Jennifer Walters is definitely the star of She-Hulk, but her more famous cousin is expected to be a major part of the show, too, with Tatiana Maslany being joined by MCU veteran Mark Ruffalo as he reprises the role of the Jade Giant for the seventh time. The series will mark a family reunion for Bruce Banner, then, and maybe in more ways than one.

A new report is claiming that Skarr will be making his screen debut in She-Hulk, who comic book readers will know better as Hulk’s half-Sakaaran son. That’s right, we might be meeting Banner’s secret alien lovechild as Skarr will appear in the upcoming series in some capacity. It’s currently unclear exactly how he’ll be involved, but The Direct is saying that the character will be in there somewhere. And there’s the potential for him to return in future projects, too.

In the comics, Skarr was introduced during the Planet Hulk storyline. Thanks to his mother Caiera, Skarr doesn’t just possess his father’s strength, but also various Sakaaran skills, like the ability to walk and talk mere minutes after being born. His origins and attributes should be easily transferable to the MCU, and Skarr could’ve been conceived during Hulk’s time as a champion on Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok, while his speedy growth would explain how he’s fully grown just a few years later.

Seeing as She-Hulk is being billed as a “half-hour legal comedy,” The Direct speculates that Skarr and his mother may come to Earth looking for Hulk, in order to get him to take custody of the kid or else pay her alimony. That sounds weirdly plausible, given the quirky tone this show will no doubt have, though fans are obviously craving some multi-Hulk action, too. So maybe Banner, Jen and Skarr will team up to battle Tim Roth’s Abomination, who’s returning to the MCU for the first time since 2008.

She-Hulk is in production now and is due on Disney Plus sometime in 2022.