She-Hulk Set Photos Reveal First Look At Mark Ruffalo’s MCU Return


Jennifer Walters is making her long-awaited MCU debut in her own She-Hulk TV series, which is currently in production in Atlanta. We’ve already got our first look at Tatiana Maslany in costume as the heroine, and now additional imagines from the set tease Mark Ruffalo’s return as her on-screen cousin, Bruce Banner. In the comics, Bruce gives his relative an emergency blood transfusion, which leads Jennifer to inherit his rage issues.

We’re anticipating something like that to happen in the show, too, with Ruffalo also expected to play a key supporting role. Remember, when we last saw Banner in Avengers: Endgame, he’d managed to blend his two personalities together to permanently become Smart Hulk. These new pics seem to confirm this is still the case as well, as Ruffalo is depicted in a motion capture suit. You can check out the photos below, which come courtesy of actress Anais Almonte’s Facebook page.

Clearly, Almonte wasn’t given permission to share these pics so soon, as they’ve quickly been removed from her social media account. As well as Ruffalo’s return, though, they may give us a hint at who she could be playing. The red wig the actress is sporting in her photo with the Hulk star brings to mind Titania, She-Hulk’s red-headed nemesis. It’s unclear if Almonte is occupying a major role in the series, or if she’s on board as a stunt performer for someone else, as she’s also done some stunt work in her career. But we should find out soon.

To date, though, only three cast members have been confirmed for She-Hulk. Maslany, Ruffalo and Tim Roth, who’ll be reprising his role as Emil Blonsky/Abomination from The Incredible Hulk, a character we never thought we’d see again. Liv Tyler is also rumored to be coming back as Betty Ross, with William Hurt’s General Ross likely a lock, too. The series – which is being pitched as a half-hour legal comedy – is due on Disney Plus later this year.