Hulu’s Ghost Rider Show Could’ve Brought Us Crossovers With Helstrom, Other Shows

We’re getting more insights into the wider scope of what could have been with the now-squashed Marvel Hulu TV show Ghost Rider.

According to ComicBook, the series would’ve been part of a larger, inter-connected franchise of shows, similar to what they did with Defenders over on Netflix.

We first met Gabriel Luna’s portrayal as Robbie Reyes AKA Ghost Rider during a stint on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. That was meant to be the beginning of a solo series spin-off on Hulu, however, the project was scrapped when Marvel absorbed Marvel Television and eschewed with just about everything then in development.

It turns out that the ill-fated showing centering on the Spirit of Vengeance would’ve crossed over with the likes of Helstrom and a couple of other shows, as Luna recently explained in an interview. Specifically, Luna envisioned Lilith, Marvel’s Mother of Demons, as the main villain in the entire crossover.

“I remember when I was pitching stuff, I had a really awesome idea that would have kept Robbie in L.A. and that would have pitted us against classic Ghost Rider villains…And I think it would have led up to her being the big bad of what we were initially trying to start, which was this four-show, very Defenders-esque thing that was going to happen,” Luna said in an interview with ComicBook.

What do you think about Marvel axing the Ghost Rider TV show? Do you think they should bring the character into the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.