Iain Glen Probably Won’t Suit Up As Batman In Titans Season 2


Considering how Titans has dealt with Dick Grayon’s internal conflict as he moves past the Robin persona head-on, including Batman in the show was pretty much unavoidable. For the most part, he’d been shown in silhouette as Bruce Wayne, or as a fully-berserk murderer in a fantasy world created by Trigon during the first season’s unforgettable finale.

Fortunately, we’ll no longer have to see Bruce himself out of focus, as veteran actor Iain Glen had been cast for the role going into the show’s sophomore year. As such, fans the world over have been wondering if he’ll actually suit up as the Dark Knight at some point.

Well, according to executive producer Greg Walker, we shouldn’t get our hopes up. Here’s what he said in TV Guide Magazine’s Comic-Con Special, specifically when they asked if we’ll see more of Batman:

“Not exactly. ‘We’re more interested in understanding the Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson relationship, with the premise that he’s really good at being Batman, but he’s not very good at being Bruce Wayne,’ Walker says. Expect more of the ‘psychological and emotional reality of their relationship.'”

Right now, my best guess is that their interactions during season 2 will serve as the final push for Dick becoming Nightwing. Not only do I hope to see such a thing in live action, but that’s just what the overall narrative has been pushing toward.

Aside from wanting to explore the complex dynamic shared by those two men, I have a feeling that Titans could only have license to one half of the Batman/Bruce Wayne equation at a time. Heck, even Gotham had tons of red tape restricting it for its own series finale.

I guess we’ll ultimately find out once Titans returns for its second season on the DC Universe streaming service, most likely in early 2020.