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Incredible Batwoman Fan Art Renders Ruby Rose As Gotham’s Protector

Ruby Rose is our new Kate Kane. And thanks to this incredible art from BossLogic, we have an idea of how the actress will look as The CW's Batwoman.

Now that we’re beginning to grow accustomed to the news that Ruby Rose is our new Batwoman, BossLogic has rendered another comic book-themed piece that imagines the Orange is the New Black starlet as Kate Kane. And it’s a doozy.

Still riding high after her memorable turn in The Meg and John Wick: Chapter Two, Rose is perhaps the perfect candidate to play Gotham’s newfound protector, given she prides herself as a prominent member of the LGBTQ community.

That adds a layer of authenticity to The CW’s freshman drama, though we should stress that Batwoman hasn’t been ordered to series just yet – for now, Caroline Dries and franchise architect Greg Berlant are busy drafting up plans for Kate Kane’s Arrowverse debut (December, perhaps?), before all eyes begin to turn toward Gotham City, where Kane, a highly trained street fighter, attempts to snuff out the criminal resurgence.

It’s exciting stuff, and below, you’ll be able to get an idea of how Ruby Rose will look as Batwoman – with and without her cape and cowl:

Pretty cool, wouldn’t you say? BossLogic has built a reputation for top-quality art pieces in record time, and his latest is no exception. We can only hope that The CW’s TV adaptation looks half as stylish, providing all things go according to plan.

Whatever the outcome, the casting of Ruby Rose as Batwoman is a huge coup for the LGBTQ community, and further proof that The CW continues to leave its cinematic brethren in the dust when it comes to equality and inclusivity in the superhero genre – Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow both feature the openly bisexual character Sara Lance, for instance.

Word is Batwoman is expected to go before the cameras early next year, potentially opening up a fall 2019 release window for The CW. We will, as always, update you if and when we learn more about Kate Kane’s small-screen debut.

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