More Details On Keiynan Lonsdale’s Legends Of Tomorrow Exit Surface


Yesterday, Arrowverse fandom was shaken to its core upon learning that Keiynan Lonsdale will be departing Legends of Tomorrow after appearing in only the premiere episode of season 4. Naturally, such news causes viewers to conclude a character is being killed off – and if you don’t think a major player can bite the dust so early on, we ask that you remember what happened to Sara Lance at the start of Arrow season 3.

What provided more cause for concern was when original reports stated that Wally West wouldn’t be headed back to The Flash, either, but now TV Line has brought new information to light. As it so happens, Kid Flash will be showing up in The Flash‘s fifth season premiere, perhaps to spend a little more time with his niece from the future, Nora Allen.

So, if anything bad does happen to Wally, at least it’ll go down on the series that introduced him, therefore his friends and family can properly react to the tragedy – and perhaps put the new big bad on the map. Conversely, if he’s left alive, The Flash remains the ideal place for him to leave off for the time being. Who knows, perhaps he’ll continue soul searching?

Let it also be known that Legends of Tomorrow is set to air on Monday nights this fall, with The Flash still holding down the fort on Tuesdays. That said, if The CW follows the same model as they did in October of 2017, then all Arrowverse shows will premiere successively in the same week.

Should that be the case, Wally could have one last hurrah with the Waverider crew on Monday before making the scene in Central City on Tuesday. When you think about it, this scenario would make the most sense from a storytelling standpoint, so don’t be surprised if it pans out.