The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Patrick Stewart’s Star Trek: Picard Photoshoot


Sometimes something comes along and no words are necessary, which is a mixed blessing for someone who has to write about it. Today, that something has arrived.

Patrick Stewart is a busy man at the moment. Currently gearing up for the much-hyped premiere of Star Trek: Picard – which sees his long-awaited return to the beloved character of the title – Stewart has taken part in a photoshoot and interview with Variety Magazine recently to promote the series. And for once, it’s not the latter which has drawn the internet’s attention.

You can check out Pat Stew’s (yes, that’s a thing now, apparently) frankly outrageous sophistication below to see what’s got everyone all fussed:

Twitter’s reaction has shared my incredulity that a not-quite 80-year-old man looks better at that age than I will when I’m 30. Or now. Or indeed, ever. And for a sampling of what folks are saying about the actor’s new shoot, you can check out some of the Twitterati’s best responses to the photos down below:

Let me improve that. Patrick Stewart needs to be a villain. Why pigeonhole him into one franchise, right? Casting directors of the world, unite. He’s got the chops, he’s got the look, he’s Patrick f**king Stewart. Seriously, someone get him a monstrously evil role to sink his teeth into. After a career typified in the public consciousness by heroic characters, it’d be a fascinating volte-face to watch, don’t you think?

No questions about his commitment to good in Star Trek: Picard, though. Judging by the photo reactions, everyone’s well onboard for more Stew. And they’ll get just that when the series arrives on CBS All Access later this month. January 23rd, to be exact. Don’t miss it.

Source: Variety