The Internet Reacts To The Falcon And Winter Soldier TV Show


Though Avengers 4 is set to bring this current MCU era to a close, it’s becoming increasingly clear that a lot of familiar faces are still going to have a life in this franchise beyond next year’s release. And among the heroes who survive the transition are apparently Captain America’s old friends Falcon and Winter Soldier, who were recently announced to have their own show on Disney’s streaming service.

Naturally, the fans have their opinions, and based on the many responses that flooded Twitter in the wake of this news, the reception is mostly pretty positive.

Nonetheless, a few Twitter users had their reservations about the project, with some fans feeling worried that all these spinoff projects could be getting a bit much.

It’s true that the Marvel universe looks to be getting a whole lot bigger in the next couple of years, with Scarlet Witch and Loki also confirmed to be getting their own six-to-eight-episode shows. With further small-screen vehicles rumored for Nick Fury and maybe even Hawkeye, it sounds like Marvel fans could have a lot of material to keep them occupied in between the major cinema releases.

In any case, with Steve Rogers’ old associates striking out on their own, this latest announcement lends yet further credence to the predictions that the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War sequel will be Cap’s last hurrah. This raises the question of who, if anyone, might inherit the Captain America title, and with Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson pairing up, this arguably puts these two major candidates out of the running.

For further clues of who could be wielding the shield next, actor Frank Grillo recently relayed rumors that the next Cap could be black or female, but then again, the star of Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been known for his unreliable intel recently. Either way, we’ll surely get a lot of new context on this Falcon and Winter Soldier show when Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019.

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