Iris West’s Flash Costume Gets A Comics-Accurate Twist


Iris West has developed a catchphrase she often says to her husband: “We are the Flash.” In an upcoming episode of the hit CW show though, that’s going to become more true than usual, as Barry Allen’s other half will temporarily acquire his speedster powers, meaning that it’s now her turn to save Central City from supervillains.

Yes, it’s finally happening, folks. While we’ve known for a while that Iris would be suiting up, it was only this week that our first look at her costume was revealed and the reaction to it so far has been somewhat divisive. For one, many are taking issue with the colors used here, with fans hoping they’d see her in a more comics-accurate outfit, something with a bit more red and yellow for instance.

And while we won’t be getting that on the show, digital artist extraordinaire Boss Logic has now taken to Twitter to share his design of Iris’ suit, which does hark back to the source material a lot more than The CW’s version does, bringing the classic color scheme into play and actually resulting in a pretty awesome look.

Cool, eh? Of course, the colors chosen for the show were very likely on purpose. As some have already pointed out, the costume has its design in common with the outfits worn by two female speedsters from the comics. For one, Dawn Allen, Barry and Iris’ daughter, who inherited her dad’s abilities along with her twin Don. The second, meanwhile, is Jenni Ognats, another Allen from the far future who’s part of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

With that in mind, many think that the purple and white superhero suit might just be foreshadowing the real identity of Jessica Parker Kennedy’s mystery character who keeps turning up from time to time – as Dawn and Jenni are the two main suspects for who she may be playing.

We’ll have to wait and see if anything comes from that, but be sure to catch The Flash when it returns from a short break this Tuesday, February 27th on The CW.